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We are a service center for canopy (PPC and PG) inspections and repair. We do not make canopies, we do not stock canopies. As a courtesy to our customers we can make recommendations on new canopies based on experience and reputation of brands if you decide to buy a new one.
We will act as a dealer/ middleman for mantufacturers/ brands that don't deal directly with the public. Since we do not stock or manufacturer canopies, they can not be returned to us after the sale. All warranty claims have to be taken directly to the manufacturer.


Canopy inspections

Airworthiness inspections of ppc and pg/ ppg canopies are not legally required in the US (usually your A&P looks over the canopy as required per FAA) but are a very good idea, which is why manufacturers suggest an inspection every 2 years (every 1 year after score results drop under a certain threshold).
We cannot guarranty the performance of any canopy or determine it's lifespan.

As part of our inspection we will perform a number of tests (like fabric strength, line strength, porosity...) that can give an idea of the average condition the canopy is in. We do not test every single inch of fabric for porosity or strength and we do not test every single line on the canopy. Not only would that take a very long time, it would also be very expensive for the labor alone.

We do not "certify" PPC's per definition of FAR! 


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